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Expert Advice When Buying & Selling a Property

For expert analysis on the local real estate markets and the lowest commission rates in the area, turn to SAABANA REALTY GROUP INC. of Margate, Florida. Ana Tapia and her team of licensed real estate agents are your sources for accurate and up-to-date information when buying and selling a property.

Short Sell & Brokers Price Option

Unlike many other real estate agencies, SAABANA REALTY GROUP INC. has certified short-sell specialists who are able to get you the best deal when you need to get rid of your home quickly. Additionally, as certified BPO agents, Ana and her team can give price options for properties before they foreclose, ensuring that you get quotes before another buyer has a chance to review the property.

Why Choose SAABANA?

SAABANA REALTY GROUP INC. aims to be the top real estate agency each year. To ensure customers receive the best service for the best price, right now all sellers only 4% total commission upon the sale of their property mentioning this AD.

Selling A Property

Contact SAABANA REALTY GROUP INC. to take advantage of the low commission rate when selling a home.


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